Who We Are

An independent production company formed in 2008 based in Dubai and the UK producing feature films and documentaries.

How We

Single project focus. Portfolio’s team has learnt that the best things come in small packages. One project in production at a time is more than enough thank you.


Getting to a single "next project" is a little more complex. Sound development processes are key to our approach. Portfolio always has a number of projects "in development." At the heart of our selection criteria is always the idea and the story (almost always completed scripts, though sometimes, a concept outline will peak our interest).

Assuming these are in place, we then need to make sure that the concept is free of any impediments to production (the legal bit).

Then we review the numbers; cost vs. potential return. This always includes meetings with potential distribution partners. Their advice though critical is not prescriptive. Their input is considered alongside creative and production specialists prior to final short-listing of above the line team, cast strategy and creation of budget.

Then and only then, assuming investor agreement, do we move forward with a single project from development to pre-production.


Financing film, documentary or TV projects will always be a high risk to investors, but with potentially great returns for a successful one.

Our role as producers is to mitigate the risk and optimize the up side as far as possible through:

  • 1. Sound financial and business management
  • 2. Total production focus on delivery of a great creative result.

Your success is our success. Portfolio will always co invest in the films it produces. Contact us to learn more.